Dr. Thomas Roc - Founder of Electric Brain

2012 - PhD, Marine Renewable Energy & Hydrodynamic Modeling - University of Plymouth - United Kingdom

2007 - M.Sc., Coastal Engineering - Université de Caen Basse-Normandie - France

2006 - M.Sc., Meteorology and Oceanography - Université Paul-Sabatier - France

2005 - B.Sc., Fundamental Physics - Université Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse - France

Software Design Projects

2020 - Prototype of a stereographic camera system for sea-state remote sensing with Zoio

2019 - Flastik, tiny-framework for static website design inspired by Flask micro-framework with University of Hawaii

2018 - Web-based ticketing & monitoring system for shipboard ADCP data acquisition system with UH Currents Group

2017 - Drones'N'Drifters, proof of concept/prototype using drones to map hydrodynamic flows with Luna Sea Solutions

2016 - PySeidon, Python toolbox gathering specific analysis functions for measured and simulated hydrodynamic data

2015 - Tidal turbine array solver for the Optimal Design Tools for Ocean Energy Arrays with the DTOcean Project

2012 - ROMS-Tidal-Array, custom version of ROMS 3.6 with a module for modelling individual tidal current turbines.